Galaxy Overview

Galactic Overview

Peace had finally come to The Republic, after a long, and Costly War with The Sith Empire. Slain by a brave Jedi Knight, The Sith Emperor was dead, and the Sith Order thrown into chaos, factions fighting amongst themselves, giving The Republic, and The Jedi Order, the time they needed to rebuild. A much weaker Sith Empire emerged from these civil wars, now ruled by Darth Mala, former apprentice to Darth Malgus. Shortly after solidifying her control of The Sith Empire, Empress Mala entered into The Treaty of Illum, ending the Second Sith War and bringing peace to the Galaxy

It was several months after The Second Sith War was brought to an end, when Citadel Space was thrust into the galaxy, Thrust into the galaxy through the utilization of a weapon of enormous power, used to end a war against extermination. With them came new technologies, new species, and new beliefs.

Recovering from their own war, Citadel Space remains neutral to both The Republic and The Sith Empire, while both seek alliance with the various powers of Citadel Space, hoping to acquire technologies and allies strong enough to shift the balance of power in their favor.


Galaxy Overview

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