The Force

The Force

Upon taking Arcane Background (Force) you get a set amount of Force Points, which regenerate at a rate of 1/round. The Force itself is split into three aspects: Control, Sense and Alter. Each use of Control, Sense or Alter requires at least one FP, and additional FP thereafter if you want to augment the ability in some way (see descriptions).

Whenever you use a Force Power or an affiliated ability, you roll a Force Check. That check will be granted a penalty based on the complexity of the Force ability itself and its mastery level. Force Points are used both to activate and augment the ability, with even the first FP providing the initial augmentation. For instance, if you wanted to use Lightning, which is a Control/Alter Force ability, costing 2 FP, if you spent nothing more you’d deliver 2 (Force Skill Die Type) of damage to the target by default.

The more complex the Force Power, the tougher it is to do. Regardless of the Force-user’s own experience Rank, he can attempt to do any power, and the difficulty penalty of that power does not change for him at all. Powers that require only one aspect of the Force to use, such as Telekinesis, have a 0 Penalty applied to the user’s Force Skill roll. Powers that require two aspects of the Force to use, such as Heal Self, have a -2 penalty applied to them. Powers that use all three aspects of the Force, such as Battle Meditation,

Trained and Untrained Usage
Any Force Power can be attempted by any Force User, whether he has been trained to do it or not. Attempting to do a power in which you haven’t been trained in confers a -2 Penalty, in addition to complexity.

Some Force Powers can be used from round to round. Powers with the Sustainable descriptor allow a character to use the same FP cost for round to round without expending more FP. Some Sustainable powers have built in limits.

Force Sensitivity
The Furthest Stars doesn’t have a mechanic to differentiate who is or isn’t Force Sensitive. This is a purely arbitrary decision from the GM, and he can determine if someone is Force Sensitive or not in any way he chooses. However, Force Sensitivity is a requirement for the Arcane Background (Force) Edge.

Arcane Background (Force)
Requirements: Novice, Force Sensitivity. Taking this Edge grants you the ability to use Force Powers. You start with access to the Force Skill, which is linked to your Spirit Attribute, but you must spend Character Points or Advances in order to gain die types in that skill. You also gain three Force Powers (provided you qualify for them) and you get 5 Force Points.

Force (Skill): This skill allows you to manipulate and feel the Force, and grants very rudimentary powers. This skill is also important because it represents the base die type for all damage inflicted through the Force.

  • Minor Telekinesis: This ability allows you to move objects or targets smaller than the Small Size category for
    no PP cost. Drawing such an object within 6 squares is a Free Action. If you spend a FP into this, you can hurl such an object equal to Force Skill Die Type + 1d6 in damage, at a range of 3/7/15.
  • Search Your Feelings: This is something of an Augury power that allows you once per session to sense if what you’re about to do is a good thing or a bad thing. It also allows you to sense the truth about something. This can be done only once per game session, but can be restored with a Bennie and used again. So long as you have Bennies to spend, you may continue to Search Your Feelings.
  • Feel the Force: Whenever someone uses an active Force Power (Control, Sense, or Alter), you have a chance to sense it if it’s done in your immediate vicinity. A successful Shroud automatically obscures this ability. You cannot spend FP for this ability.
  • Mind Trick: The Force has a strong influence on the weak minded. Use your Force Skill Die in place of Persuasion in a Test of Wills. If you succeed, you make a otherwise unpalatable suggestion seem perfectly reasonable. Such a suggestion cannot involve the direct danger or threat to harm of the individual. You can spend FP to increase the Die Type for your Force Skill for this action, up to a maximum of d12.

Gaining New Force Powers
In order to gain new Force Powers, you spend XP on Advances in order to learn them. If you belong to a Force Order, such as the Jedi or the Sith, and you have a Mentor, it’ll only cost you 2 XP per Force Power. If your character does not belong to a Force Order and does have a mentor, or vice versa, the cost is 4 XP. If your character neither belongs to an order nor has a mentor, the cost is 5 XP. This reflects the benefits of belonging to Force Orders and having a Mentor to teach you how to properly use the Force.

Lightsaber Edges
Lightsaber Defense
Requirements: Novice, Force Sensitivity. Taking this Edge grants you the ability to use a Lightsaber to defend yourself from ranged attacks. Activating a lightsaber you have equipped grants you a +2 to Parry, as well as the ability to Block and Redirect Ranged Attacks (see Block and Redirect Ranged Attacks, pg. X). When anyone attacks you with a ranged weapon, they must defeat the target’s Parry , plus any Range penalties.

Expert Lightsaber Defense
Requirements: Seasoned; Force Sensitive; Lightsaber Defense. As per the Lightsaber Defense Edge, except now you gain a +4 to your Parry.

Master Lightsaber Defense
Requirements: Veteran; Force Sensitive; Lightsaber Defense; Expert Lightsaber Defense. As per the Lightsaber Defense Edge, except now you gain a +6 to your Parry, and you may now redirect two blaster shots at any two targets (or even one target) at range if you roll 2 Raises over each shooter’s Shooting Roll.

Blocking and Redirecting Ranged Attacks
If you have a Lightsaber Defense, you gain a bonus to your Parry for merely equipping an activated lightsaber depending on the level of Lightsaber Defense you have.

To redirect shots at enemies, you replace your Parry with your Fighting Skill die result. If you fail this check against the shooter’s Shooting roll, you are hit. If you meet or exceed the shooter’s Shooting roll, you successfully deflect the bolt. If you manage to make one Raise against the shooter’s Shooting roll, you redirect his own shot back at him and it automatically hits (barring Shields). Two Raises will allow you to reflect the bolt at a different target than the shooter.

Force Powers
Force Powers work a bit differently than what most people might be used to. When a Force- User has been trained in the use of the Force, he begins with two of these Powers and is automatically granted all the Abilities they have within that listing.
Control focuses on self-control of one’s body. Channeling Power Points into Control enables your character to do the following.

Breath Control
1FP/5 minutes; The Force- User can hold his breath for long periods of time.

1FP/day; The Force-User can place himself into a period of suspended animation. While in this state, he need not eat or drink, and he breathes very little air. He can also stave off the progress of poisons or diseases in his body, preventing them from doing too much harm until someone can get him medical attention.

1FP/Fatigue Level; The Force-User can keep going and going as he needs to, foregoing sleep or rest for very long periods of time.

1FP/Bonus Point in Will Test for a maximum of +3; (Dark Side Power); Sustainable. Channeling one’s Rage into the Force can make anyone resistant to Mind Tricks, Fear, or Intimidation. Naturally, it can make the user evoke fear in others. This is a Dark Side power and confers a Dark Side point.

Increase Attribute
1FP/die type for one round. The Force-User can make himself stronger, healthier, more agile, and even more aware of his environment by channeling the Force where he needs it the most in his body.

Sense taps into the omnipresent characteristics of the Force, allowing the user to learn more about his environment, and faraway places, and even the past and the future in ways he could not do with his own senses alone. With the Force, he can even sense how others are thinking, and what they’re feeling.
Range: By spending additional PP when using his Sense abilities, he can extend their Range (Reaching out
with his feelings) accordingly:
1FP – City
2FP – Continent
5FP – Planet
10FP – Nearby planets in same system
15FP – Entire Star System
20FP- The Sector
30FP – The Galaxy

1FP/Scene; Though the Force skill can allow one to sense passively what’s going on immediately around him, and even can alert him to major events (such as the destruction of Alderaan), this power is more of an active use of that ability, gaining more information from subjects around him.

1FP/Attempt –XFP/Range increment; Using the Force, the user can send a short message to someone he knows. If he stretches out with his feelings (spending more PP), he can expand the range. Increase Senses 1FP/Die Type/Round (Sustainable) This enables you to sharpen your physical senses so that you can sense things in your immediate vicinity (within a 2- story house). With this ability, you can also sense others using Sight when in your general area.

1FP/Scene – XFP/Range Increment ; You can use the Force to see what’s going on in another area, within
range. You get sound with that too. This does enable you to see other lifeforms hiding if they’re about. For 2 extra PP, you may spot Droids. Yuuzhan Vong are not detectable through this ability.

Shroud (Dark Side)
1FP/Scene – XFP/Range Increment. By tapping into one’s anger, you can use the Force to obscure any Sight. Both Force-Users make opposed Force Skill checks to see who succeeds in defeating the other. This is a Dark Side Power.

5FP/Scene – XFP/Range Increment. The Force can show you scenes of what may be in the future. Visions of the future are not static; any change may alter their potential outcome. However, at the basic level of
Foresight it isn’t always possible to revisit the same subject of a previous vision. GM’s discretion advised.

Alter focuses the Force to direct physical action. Push: 1FP. By invoking this power and making his Force Check, a Force-User sends out a quick wave of telekinetic power using the Cone Blast template in front of him, causing some damage (equal to Force skill die type of damage) and forcing them back two squares unless they’re obstructed. If he manages to make a Raise, he may either add another damage die to the targets, or he may knock one target down for each Raise he got.

1FP/Damage Die – Max 3 die types/round. The Force-User can use the Force to damage objects or living targets. The damage is equal to the Force User’s Force Skill die type. Use of this ability against a living target garners a Dark Side Point.

Move Object
See FP cost chart below (Sustainable). By spending FP, a Force-User can pick up objects, move them, and even throw them. In order to hurl an object, the user must first pick up the object either on his
first or only action in the round, and then spend another 5 FP to hurl it. Range for this is always 10/20/40.
Table 5-1: Size/ Force Point Exchange
FP Size
1 Small
2 Medium
3 Large
5 Giant
10 Huge
15 Gigantic
20 Titanic

Hurling an object in and of itself may cause 3d6 damage to the object itself if it strikes something hard like the ground or a wall. Use the size damage chart for damage to a target as follows:
Table 5-2: Size and Damage
Size Damage
Small 1d6
Medium 2d6
Large 3d6
Giant 5d6
Huge 7d6
Gigantic 9d6
Titanic 11d6

2FP/Scene. You can now use the Force to pilot any space craft. You may now use your Force Skill in place of Piloting for the duration of the scene.

2FP/Point of Parry/Round (Sustainable). Through the Force, you’re able to defend yourself from attacks better than you normally would. Every additional PP you spend grants you an additional point to Parry to be used for both Melee and Ranged attacks.

2FP. This ability allows the Force User to attempt to negate any poison he may have been afflicted with. He must make a Force Check (with the usual penalties for Poison or Alcohol) to succeed.

Increased Fighting
2FP/die type/round – maximum die type d12 (Sustainable). This power increases your ability to fight and defend yourself through the power of the Force.

Heal Self
2FP/Wound Level. This ability allows you to heal a Wound Level of damage to yourself. You cannot heal Injuries with this ability.

2FP/Round. This ability channels the Force into your movement, granting you a bonus equal to your Force Skill Roll to your Pace and Jump for that round. Simply make one Force Skill Check. If it succeeds (applying penalties and bonuses), simply add that value to your Pace and Jump (Jumps start at 2”). If it fails, add nothing. For ever additional PP you spend, you gain an additional die type to your Pace and Jump.

2FP/Charisma point for one scene. This ability channels the Force to be more appealing and charismatic than he otherwise might be. For every 2PP he spends, he gains a +1 to his Charisma. This
power doesn’t really alter his looks, he merely seems to radiate a confidence and charm about him that he otherwise didn’t have before.

(Heal Another(
2FP/Wound Level. This ability enables you to heal the wounds of another person. This does not enable you to heal Injuries.

2FP/2 Force Skill Die Types of Ion Damage. This ability delivers Ion Damage to a Droid. This has no ability to harm a living creature.

Control Animal
2FP/Attempt. This ability enables you to control an animal of Large size category or smaller. You use your Force Skill in place of Persuasion in a Test of Wills, with a bonus to your Force Skill die type.

2FP/ Force Skill Die Type/Round. (Dark Side Power) Sustainable. This sinister ability directs arcs of lightning at any target within a 7” cone. The Force-User can direct this at one singular target or multiple targets within the zone. If the attack hits (using a Force Skill Check), the target is automatically Shaken, and the damage
also causes Fatigue.

Sever Force
10 FP/-1FP per Dark Side Point of Target, minimum of 1. This is a Light Side Power, the user cannot have any Dark Side Taint. Make a Force Check against the target’s Parry. If you succeed, the target may not be able to use the Force for a number of days equal to the amount of Dark Side Points he had accumulated. The target is utterly cut off from the Force.

Battle Meditation
3FP/Ally/Round (Sustainable). By concentrating through the Force all about you, you can grant a tactical intuition to all of your allies, which will intuitively enable them to respond to things with far
better effectiveness than they otherwise would. For every round you remain in concentration, you grant your allies your Force Die Type to their Fighting, Shooting, Piloting, or Driving rolls. If something breaks your
concentration, the Battle Meditation ends.

Enhanced Battle Meditation
10FP/Round/+Sense Range Cost/Round (Sustainable). With this power, you can expand your abilities to cover an entire battlefield and sway the tide of battle to favor your army or fleet. All allies within your chosen side gains your Force Skill Die Type to use on their Fighting, Shooting, Piloting, Driving, or Knowledge (Tactics) rolls. If something breaks your concentration, the Enhanced Battle Meditation ends.

3FP/Round. Dark Side Power. By channeling your hatred into the Force, you can utterly demoralize an enemy or enemies and make them frozen in fear momentarily. Make a Force Check in a Test of Wills, adding your Dark Side Points score to your roll.

3FP/Wound Level or Injury. Dark Side Power. This power enables the Force user to regenerate tissue damage by deliberately forcing his cells to work faster.

Regenerate Other
3FP/Wound Level or Injury. Dark Side Power. This power enables the Force- User to regenerate another organic character’s tissue damage by deliberately forcing that character’s cells to work

The Dark Side
The Dark Side of the Force is always beckoning, luring those to take the quick and easy way to what they want. Those who use the Force out of malice, anger, or even fear, will allow the Dark Side to wrap its tendrils around
that person. To represent this, Dark Side Points (Taint) is used. Whenever anyone commits an act of evil, or if a Force User uses the Force out of anger, hatred, or fear, or causes harm with the Force, he may garner a Dark Side Point (or more, depending on the infraction).

For non-Force Users, Dark Side Points mean little. But to a Force-User, they mean a great deal. Dark Side Points “taint” a Force Point slot. Every time that slot is used for any reason, another Dark Side Point “taints” another Force Point slot. If a character has all of his Force Point slots taken up by Dark Side Point Taints, he has fallen to the Dark Side of the Force, and if he takes additional Power Edges, those slots will be tainted with the Dark Side of the Force.

It isn’t all bad, though. A Force Point tainted by the Dark Side can be used more efficiently to power Dark Side Powers or to use the Force in hateful, evil ways (up to the GM’s discretion). If you wish to use a Dark Side Power, you only need to power it with one DSP, regardless of complexity, and it will perform to minimal effect until you channel more PP into it. For instance, if you wish to use Lightning, you would use one DSP to get 2 Force Die Types of damage as your base, instead of putting in two FPs into it. Naturally, if you use any Dark Side Power, you get a Dark Side Point.

However, here’s the bad news about falling to the Dark Side. You have to keep it up. If you don’t, those Dark
Side Points begin to wane, leaving you without power. They eat your Power Points up. If you go a day without using a DSP tainted FP, it goes away. You may recover it, but it may take weeks or even months for it to do so, and when it does it becomes a normal PP.

If you accrue a Dark Side Point or more, you may atone. Doing so will eliminate a DSP per each attempt at
atonement (using a Force Skill check at a penalty equal to the number of DSPs you have). If you fail, you fail to atone. If you succeed, you will have lost the DSP, and it will take a day of meditation to recover one FP. It takes a day of meditation to atone, so if you had to atone for only one DSP, and you succeeded, you would spend two days in meditation. Naturally, the Jedi Order may have you do other things in addition to your atonement so that you may contemplate on what you’ve done.


The Force

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