The Furthest Stars Opening Credits

Reignite by Malkulah

The Furthest Stars is a Savage Worlds Campaign Setting which unites the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic with the Universe of Mass Effect. In The Furthest Stars, the Mass Effect Galaxy was swept to that of Star Wars: The Old Republic through the utilization of The Crucible (at the end of Mass Effect 3). The energy that destroyed The Reapers (though not any other Artificial Life thanks to the last minute programming of a Geth Named Cohort), swept each system containing a Mass Relay, to the Galaxy of The Old Republic. The Campaign begins five years after the arrival of ‘Citadel Space’ into the galaxy.


Called together by Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, an unlikely
group sets out to recover a lost Hero of Citadel Space.

Peace is Established between The Galactic Republic and The Sith
Empire when the ending of The Reaper War sweeps the worlds and
populations of Citadel Space to that of the Republic and Sith.

To my Players, who continue to Inspire me, and provide awesome campaigns
themselves when I am a player and not the GM. Best friends anyone could ever want.

To the Obsidian Portal Community for all their help and inspiration – Especially Wolfhound, Thorvaldr, PhoenixMark, ImmortalDM, TolsimirWolfblood, Basileus, and KillerVP

The Furthest Stars

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